All-Time Points Rank

Reviews Ranked By “The Points”

89.00Lost Ruins of ArnakWorker Placement / Deck Builder
85.007 Wonders: DuelResource Development / Drafting
84.50EverdellWorker Placement / Tableau Building
83.50The CrewTrick Taking / Card Game
83.50AzulDrafting / Abstract Strategy
83.50Robinson CrusoeWorker Placement / Action Queue
83.25Raiders of the North SeaWorker Placement / Resource Management
82.00Pandemic: Reign of CthulhuSet Collection / Action Points
80.50Merv: The Heart of the Silk RoadAction Selection / Resource Management
79.50SplendorResource Development / Card Game
79.25SagradaDice / Drafting
79.00VillainousAsymmetrical / Card Game
78.00Pan AmWorker Placement / Bidding
75.25PatchworkTile Placement / Puzzle
65.00TsuroTile Placement / Abstract Strategy
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