Corey’s Top 10 (2021 Edition)

It’s certainly impossible to declare that this is a comprehensive list of the best games of “all time” because I certainly haven’t played everything. In fact, I could probably complete a list with games that I expect to make it into my top 10 that I haven’t even played yet. But for now, we’ll call this list “a collection of my favorites as of 2021”.

Our Favorites of 2020 (So Far)

While we certainly haven’t played ALL of the games released in 2020, we’ve definitely spent a good amount of time with a few of them and were inspired to share a few of our favorites. Here’s a list of five games (in no particular order) and loads of pictures that you ought to know about in 2020.

Holidays 2020: Stocking Stuffer Games

Looking for stocking stuffers that will not only fit into your game collection but also not break your holiday gift-giving budget? We’ve put together a list of 8 of our smallest sized games that support two or more players.

Five Big Group Games for Under $20

These five games are our picks for the best cheap pick ups (ranging from $10-$19.99) for a larger group (about five players). They represent a diversity of different styles of play, themes, and player involvement levels but all have been selected because they easy to teach, quick to start, and fun as heck to play. If you ask me, those are all qualities of a game that will go over well with a mixed group of family that includes weekly D&D players and our parents who “used to play a lot of Monopoly”.